Khun THai Tea Expansion Despite Covid-19

Khun Thai Tea Global Set forward to expansion in Malaysia despite Covid-19 Situation.
With the recent hot topic of Covid-19 in countries and the current RMCO in Malaysia, Khun Thai Tea is proceeding with its plans of expansions in Johor Bahru Malaysia.

The target date of opening the first store in Malaysia is on the 16th of July this year but the official opening date is made unknown at this point of time said Khun thai Tea Owner and Founder Mr. Jeremy Lee in a recent Interview. The first branch of Khun Thai Tea Malaysia will be in KSL City Mall located in Johor Bahru at Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, 80250. This concept of the store is different from the other kiosk like business which is currently in countries like the Philippines and Indonesia.

The café which will be located at Lot G-S03A-2 of Ground Floor, KSL City Mall Johor will feature and launch Khun Thai Tea Eats which serves unique to Khun Thai Tea story of snacks. Among the unique and worth trying is the thai tea toast and thai spicy dynamite. website The read more tea toast is a traditional way of infusing the thai tea with premium quality butter to bake the bread and giving it a shiny sweet and aromatic taste. The thai spicy dynamite is a deep fried green chilli which is mixed with cheese and with a choice option of either check here crab meat or chicken meat.

Khun Thai Tea started its first business back in 1955 with Auntie Marlee, a relative of co-founder Mr. Jeremy Lee and was brought to the Philippines in 2016. This brand is well receive in the Philippines and also here in Indonesia. The current Khun Thai Tea in Malaysia will be driven by new partner and franchisor for Johor Malaysia sisters Ms Felicia Yong Wai check here Yin and Ms Joreen Yong Wai Fong. These sisters has been planning in the opening of Khun Thai Tea in Malaysia since late 2019 but because due to the Covid-19 in Malaysia and undergoing MCO they were force to delay their plans. Malaysia has ease their restrictions since then and planning is on the way.

In 2018 Khun Thai Tea also open doors and open its first shop in Century Square Tampaines but were short live for only a single year for the franchisee in Singapore had some health issues and is unable to continue the business or find someone reliable to take over the business. The Singapore ex franchisee is now seeking medical treatment.

Those who are interested in taking up the franchise with Khun Thai Tea should contact Khun Thai Tea Global directly or contact Khun Thai Tea owner Mr. Jeremy Lee for more information.

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